• Introduction


    Success in today's business environment demands highly specialized business managers. Rapid contemporary changes in economic policies and structures, including the globalization of industries and markets, are driving countries, organizations, and individuals toward the search for a competitive edge. Managerial capability proves to be the most critical building stone to achieve a competitive edge for tomorrow. Executives who perform a managerial task in our business structure today require a broad mix of skills that differ considerably from traditional wisdom. Without these skills they are not able to either gain or maintain the competitive advantage that is essential for success.



    The Size of the Center

    Staff: CBA full-time administrative body includes ten people ranging from PhD, MBA, MA and BA holders with vast prior experience in businesses, CSOs and academic institutions. The team of the CSO MU is the Director, Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Accountant, Janitor, and Guard. However, for the new project, it has been pointed out that new employees will be hired to maximize the functionality and performance of the CSO Management Unit at CBA.

    For the academic staff and trainers, CBA has a pool of over one hundred professors and consultants representing over seventeen nationalities including the USA, UK, Europe, Eastern Asia, and MENA countries. More information about our faculty can be obtained from our website: www.su-cba.com

    Building: CBA is located in Sana’a, which makes it convenient to CSOs in most Yemeni governorates to reach.


    Facilities: In support of our programs, the center has a large computer lab equipped with over 70 up-to-date PCs, providing services such as research and learning facilities, fast internet connection, learning programs, so as to make the finest provisions to trainees, participants, professors, seminars, workshops, etc. Wireless access to the Internet is also available for all participants and visitors.


    Seminar & Conference Rooms: In a way to make it convenient to our trainees to be in a very comfortable environment of studying, the center has an equipped and prepared seminar rooms and a conference room with all techniques that trainers and trainees need to achieve the aims of trainings.


    Research: A modern and comprehensive library with thousands of books and a research zone has been established to serve participants and faculty members with scanning, printing and photocopying facilities available. In addition, there is also the virtual library containing thousands of references including e-books, journals, articles, career materials, publications, reports, in-house academic publications, etc in a number of databases such as Business Source Premier and Regional Business News (Ebsco), Emerald Management Extra 125 (Emerald), and Science Direct Business, Management and Accounting (Elsevier).


  • Accreditation


    In recognition of the benefits derived from international partnership to enhance specialized higher education in Yemen, Sana'a University has exerted tremendous effort towards strengthening the scientific and academic exchange with a number of international institutions including Maastricht School of Management (MSM) in the Netherlands which has outstanding reputation in business education. This has resulted in signing the partnership contract with MSM in the field of Graduate Studies, Training, and Management Consultancy through the Center of Business Administration (CBA) at Sana'a University.

    Center of Business Administration (CBA), Sana'a University, operates as an academic institution under the Yemen Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Our Executive MBA program is accredited by the following:


    • Accreditation Council for Higher Education at the Yemen Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.



    • Association of MBAs (AMBAs)
    • the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
    • The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)


    Thus, the Executive MBA has become the first and only internationally accredited E-MBA Program in Yemen which makes it the only destination for business-oriented managers and executives.




  • Partners  .


     Recently, CBA has become IFC partner in Yemen for trainings related to Corporate Governance. The partnership aims at raising awareness and building capacities in the area of corporate governance, management control, families' own business, etc using the materials provided by IFC.

    Our Partner

      International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a member of the World Bank Group. It fosters sustainable economic growth in developing countries by financing private sector investment, mobilizing capital in the international financial markets, and providing advisory services to businesses and governments.
    IFC helps companies and financial institutions in emerging markets create jobs, generate tax revenues, improve corporate governance and environmental performance, and contribute to their local communities. The goal is to improve lives, especially for the people who most need the benefits of growth.